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ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers aspires to build awareness of the impact generated by the mismanaged disposal of electronic assets and provide the solutions necessary for the responsible riddance of all end-of-life or obsolete devices. For the future of business and the world environment, it is the responsibility of every agency to reduce the scope of their carbon footprint. ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ goal is to be the premier provider of electronics recycling to local state and federal agencies.

ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers believes that the decision to recycle can easily become the cornerstone of any agency’s larger green initiatives. It is a natural extension of global responsibility that illustrates your agency’s dedication to a better tomorrow.

Each ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers client is issued a Certificate of Recycling that is signed by a corporate officer and notarized to tangibly illustrate the legality of our performance. This document is your assurance of our performance. In addition we can record all different types of data using our proprietary handheld data collectors. We can then generate an inventory report showing each item that was processed.

ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers is certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical data. Our certification number is – [in progress] and expires [tbd].

Zero Landfill Disposal
At ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers, 100 percent of each electronic asset entrusted to the firm is recycled. Absolutely nothing is left to be disposed of in a landfill. All recycling is processed domestically to ensure the highest level of security for your organization.

Zero Export
ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers will not export any electronics to developing countries and continents such as China, India and Africa.

Why Should I Recycle Electronics?
Most electronic consumers in the United States do not realize the impact of eWaste on the local and world environments; they simply view their obsolete electronics as trash. If these same individual and organizational consumers understood that recycling these devices was as simple as separating their newspapers, aluminum cans and plastic bottles for processing each week, think of how much cleaner our world could be!

Each year, an estimated 750,000 of the 15 million personal computers that become obsolete will end up in landfills. One color monitor alone contains 6 ½ pounds of lead and measurable amounts of cadmium, mercury and other toxic materials. At ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers, EVERY PART of your electronic assets is recycled. Each item is strategically and securely dismantled. All toxic elements are responsibly disposed of, and all remaining metals, plastics, glass and circuitry is processed.

What Items are Considered to be Electronics?
Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): televisions, monitors, computers, computer peripherals, audio and stereo equipment, VCRs, DVD players, video cameras, telephones, facsimiles, copying machines, cellular phones, wireless devices and video game consoles are primary examples of electronics.

Why Prevent Electronics from Entering a Landfill?
Some electronic device components contain constituents that, if improperly handled, could be harmful to the environment. Certain components contain measurable amounts of regulated heavy metals, including lead, silver, barium, cadmium and mercury. Many of these metals can be recovered and responsibly disposed of, based upon Environmental Protection Agency standards.

What are the Outcomes if We Dispose of Electronics Improperly?
NOTICE OF VIOLATION as issued by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Failure to correct the alleged violations cited required by this NOTICE, may result in the assessment of penalties, not to exceed $27,500 per violation pursuant to Section 3008 of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976, 42 U.S.C. § 6928.

How is Data Security Insured During the Recycling Process?
ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ environmentally sound solutions for the secure, effective management and removal of any organization’s end-of-life electronic assets are certified to meet or exceed all National Security Agency requirements. ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers provides the highest standard of service to all U.S. Government agencies and corporate entities wishing to responsibly dispose of their end-of-life or obsolete devices, while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of data security. All information destruction methods are completely in compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and various other state and federal compliance measures.

What About Donating My Electronic Assets?
Donation programs can work well if all involved parties understand the limits and liabilities associated with the transfer of equipment. Questions such as who will ensure that proprietary data is eliminated before the donation, need to be answered prior to ownership transfer. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1993, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and many others makes all agencies and organizational entities legally responsible for the protection of client privacy. Failure to effectively destroy all informational data prior to the transfer of ownership leaves an organization open to corporate liability. ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ Data Destruction process helps eliminate the worry of such a risk.

ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers understands that many agencies do not have budget provisions for electronics recycling. However, due to the low residual value of old electronic equipment, the cost of removing and properly managing the hazardous materials contained in the equipment, maintaining a facility that adheres to best-in-class environmental regulations and ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ guarantee of protection for all sensitive customer information, there is a cost. To find out more about ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ pricing structure, please contact us.

Isn’t My Equipment Worth Something?
With the cost of new computer equipment dropping each year, your used devices are worth less and less. The resale market for used equipment in the United States is extremely low due to regular product innovation. Simply put, older machines regularly do not fit the system requirements needed to optimally run the newest software programs. Plus, machine upgrades have become less of a priority for most organizations, given that they can purchase a new machine for much less. However, ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers recognizes that some equipment may retain some portion of its residual value. In these situations, ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers will credit a portion of the residual value back to the customer to cover recycling costs on a consignment basis.

For more information on ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ eWaste services call us today at 1-855-ZLOOP-IT [1-855-956-6748] or if you’re ready to start, simply use ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ online quote form and a representative will contact you promptly.