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ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers was founded on the principals of:
1) Education, 2) Simplification and 3) Principled Corporate Behavior.


Currently, it is estimated that the world creates 240 million tons of eWaste per year.

Of that 240 million tons, only 24 million tons (10 percent) actually gets recycled or reused.

Of that 10 percent, most is not recycled or reused at all, but rather shipped to developing countries who are unknowledgeable about what to do with it or the environmental impact that eWaste creates.

We find those (and many other) statistics alarming and unacceptable. That is why our nationally recognized education program, eWaste is Serious Waste. Recycle®, travels from state to state making sure that everyone understands the risks of eWaste and how easy it is to recycle eWaste.

If you want to change government, corporate and individual behavior, make it simple to do the right thing.

ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers is doing just that: making eWaste recycling easy. We provide all levels of government with secure, fast and audited data destruction services, as well as end-of-life recycling of outdated or out-modeled electronics of all types. We are extremely mobile and able to handle any size job on-site with the same commitment to security, speed, and auditing you would get at one of our local or regional centers

ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers make it just as easy for large corporations and small businesses alike. We are fully compliant with all federal, state and local government regulations for the safe and secure destruction of highly sensitive data.

Principled Corporate Behavior:
We make sure that everything we say is how we behave. We accomplish that promise through Flawless Execution™ and 100% Domestic Transformation™. Simply put, working with Zloop for your end-of-life recycling is easy. The audit trail starts with Zloop and ends with Zloop. Too many big and small corporations hide behind the “green” veil, yet do little or nothing to actually be green. Often, it’s simply not a priority or it’s inconvenient, but ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers can help you actively be a part of the solution to creating a stronger, healthier, and less resource dependent world.

For more information on ZLOOP Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers’ eWaste services call us today at 1-855-ZLOOP-IT [1-855-956-6748] and see just how easy it can be to be green when it comes to eWaste.